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Revolutionizing Enterprise Catering with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Navigate the complexities of large-scale, multi-faceted catering operations with Spoonfed's sophisticated ordering, process control, and robust security features.

spoonfed catering software user permission settings.

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Spoonfed Console

Elevate Management Capabilities with Advanced Solutions
Alongside sophisticated Enterprise features and business use-cases for large, complex and demanding catering operations, Spoonfed steps up for those managing multiple accounts too. Our Console functionality will give full view and management capability across accounts.

Multi - Account

Seamless Multi-Account Management System

Comprehensive control of accounts at your finger tips, simplifying the reporting and exporting of key data.

Punch Out and ERP Integrations

Syncing catering alongside wider operations

Bring a high level of efficiency, compliance and control to how catering is managed.

mobile catering software dashboard with multi-accounts.

Spoonfed Marketplace

Increase service opportunities and revenue streams
Your very own catering marketplace. The ultimate solution for uninterrupted culinary services. The reasons for needing to supplement your own catering offering with other trusted food vendors are wide ranging. The key thing is to ensure your clients remain catered for and our MarketPlace functionality allows you to provide an ordering platform where you - and other local vendors you have chosen - can be selected from.

Contract caterers

Service clients with multiple national locations.

Colleges & universities

Supplement to their own catering options.

Co-working spaces

Provide a branded portal to clients ordering hospitality.

International Settings

World class solutions for caterers across the globe
Spoonfed supports catering operations across the world - and with our Customer Support staff across the globe it means we are there for you night and day.


Offer services in multiple languages, catering to a diverse, global clientele.


Conduct business in various currencies, accommodating global financial transactions.


Manage multiple catering accounts seamlessly under one unified system.

Security Controls

Robust Security Controls for Safe and Efficient Catering Operations
Enhance data security and streamline access with Spoonfed’s Single-Sign-On and comprehensive user management features.

SSO (Single-Sign-On)

Simplified Access with Single-Sign-On

Enable seamless, secure access to Spoonfed’s system with a single set of credentials.

User Management

Controlled Access with advanced criteria

Manage user roles and permissions for secure and customized access to the platform.

spoonfed catering software user permission settings.

Process Control

Optimized Process Control for Enhanced Catering Operations

Key integrations and tools to refine your culinary creations, optimize operational workflows, and ensure consistency across all service points, enhancing both your brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Ingredient & Recipe Management

Advanced Recipe Management with Kafoodle

Streamlines kitchen operations, improves ingredient tracking, provides food costs control and supports compliance with health regulations.

Managed Service

Efficiently Managed Catering Services

Focus more on culinary excellence and customer service, while the backend processes are efficiently managed.

Menu Sharing

Collaborative Menu Sharing Capabilities

Spoonfed’s menu sharing feature allows for collaborative menu development and standardization across various locations or teams.