Catering Sectors

The Catering Sectors We Serve

Delivering exceptional food and quality customer experiences efficiently requires the right tools. Spoonfed has a range of configurable business use-cases and features and is used in different contexts, in key accounts across a range of sectors.

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Institutional Catering

Innovative Catering Management for Complex Institutional Needs

Discover how Spoonfed's cutting-edge catering management system transforms food service for education, healthcare, business, and public sectors.


Spoonfed offers seamless integration for diverse events and daily operations, enhancing efficiency and budget management for educational campuses.

Business & Industry

Perfect for corporate events, meetings, and daily employee dining. Spoonfed adapts to the dynamic world of business and industry, offering flexible, efficient catering management.

Public Sector

Ideal for the range of catering required in this sector which needs to factor in compliance, budget control, and operational efficiency alongside great food being delivered on time, every time!


Spoonfed brings tailored, nutritious catering solutions to teams working in healthcare settings. Our tech solutions allow them to include catering for healthcare events and meetings.

Delivered Catering

Seamless Catering Delivery Made Possible with Spoonfed

Explore how Spoonfed elevates delivered catering services, offering unparalleled efficiency and satisfaction from streamlined order management to flawless delivery execution.

Using Spoonfed brings significant benefits for the Caterer's Clients too, in a number of demonstrable areas.

Food Service Management

Perfect for large-scale, complex operations needing precise coordination and consistent quality. Spoonfed supports FSM globally, across the sectors, in their key accounts.

Independent Caterers

Transform your catering operation with Spoonfed's intuitive system. Enhance client satisfaction and drive revenue. Enjoy seamless order management with invoicing and reliable delivery efficiency, end to end!

Restaurant & Retail

Maximize your restaurant or food retail business with Spoonfed's catering delivery system. Grow your customer base, increase orders - and order value! - with our user-friendly platform.

Venue Catering

Expertly Handle Diverse Catering Needs For Diverse Venues

Discover our innovative solutions tailored for caterers operating in a range of venues, ensuring every event, regardless of size or location, is catered to perfection.

Coworking Spaces

Our MarketPlace functionality allows you to offer a bespoke, online catering ordering platform for your clients and create a secondary revenue stream for you.


From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Spoonfed delivers exceptional catering management for all types of events. Elevate guest experiences with a flawless service.


Using Spoonfed's tools for running hospitality at Stadiums can put the ball back in the hands of the client - allow them to see what is possible for the range of ways they use stadium spaces.

Integrations For Maximum Efficiency  

What caterers think of Spoonfed

Spoonfed has truly elevated the catering experience for our clients and operators. - offering efficiency while delivering Compass hospitality.


The team from Spoonfed has been amazing - development requests dealt with promptly and efficiently with proactive customer service.


Spoonfed offer a stable product that is highly configurable, making it very suitable for the contract catering sector and a product that is backed up with great support.


Spoonfed has been a real game changer. It has and will continue to make a huge difference to the way we sell and administer our hospitality business.


Within the space of 6 months, Spoonfed completely transformed our business, we increased our corporate catering revenue from £7,000 per month to over £70,000 per month.


I almost don't want to share how good this software is because it gives our business such a great advantage!


Using multi-sites we have successfully scaled our drop-off catering in key outlets.


Spoonfed has really helped us transform our corporate catering sales. The service has been top notch...


Spoonfed has helped us streamline the order process for our customers and reduced the time spent on paperwork in our delivery service office.


Spoonfed has given us real data and reporting to use and helps us make decision to continually improve the service and offer to our customers.