365 Retail Markets x Spoonfed

Combine Attentive Catering with Unattended Retail Technology

Additional ways to engage with clients and discover additional revenue streams using 365 Retail Markets state of the art unattended retail and vending products

Connected Campus

Continual site wide services

Enjoy fresh meals, snacks, and beverages throughout workplaces or campuses. Our combination of vending, smart store, cafeteria, and other Point of Sale systems makes it easy to checkout, wherever you are.


Breakrooms, Head Office Canteen Spaces

Adding 365technology to your employee break room, or student accommodation etc, provides your convenient access to snacks and beverages while generating additional revenue for your business.

With 365's white glove experience, you can rest assured knowing product stocking, feedback, and support are taken care of.

Reliable Support

Around the clock support across the globe

By partnering with 365, Spoonfed’s reliable support just got even better.

We’ll work with you to understand your specific needs, and create solutions that works well for all you are seeking to cater to. Our 24x7 support is here to help every step of the way.

24/7 Availability

Service Solutions that Never Sleep

Get the products you need, any time of day. 365’s suite of self-checkout solutions provides customers and clients with 24/7 access to food and beverages or everyday essentials.