Zalmi Duchman Article Shows Catering Tech Takeover

January 19, 2024


In a recent article for Forbes magazine, food and tech reporter Zalmi Duchman has shown us how in the world of corporate lunches, online ordering is overtaking the more traditional phone order.

“The foodtech space shows no signs of slowing down. As capital continues to flow in, entrepreneurs will enjoy increased opportunities for serving consumers at home and work. The world is changing dramatically, and nowhere is this more obvious than within the food segment”

This graph shows the development in online ordering

Food delivery orders graph

Forbes, 2015

Again this reiterates that the US catering market has embraced the model of drop-off catering, and is using it as a lucrative revenue stream. As well as another string to the catering bow, it helps generate new B2C customers by entering new premises. These encouraging signs also show how important it is for caterers and other food professionals to embrace technology, such as online ordering to stay competitive. Giving their customers the easiest and most effective way to access their offerings, whilst also allowing a fresher, more effective way of managing and maintaining their business. As corporate order values are often higher than other types of catering, the expectation of great service is also higher, so the demand to ‘get it right’ has never been more important. Advanced orders need monitored, staffing needs planned and met, invoices need made and sent out and production needs to be planned well in advance. With all these extra elements to juggle, caterers need software to help organize all the elements and make the most of this potentially lucrative strand of their business.

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