Word of the Year 2023 is...

February 1, 2024

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Having catering software which is configurable to for various contexts and needs is a key aspect of Spoonfed’s software solutions - so we made 'Configurability' our word of the Year.

According to the Oxford Dictionary ‘RIZZ’ takes that accolade in 2023… (I know, me neither!!...but you can’t argue with the Oxford Dictionary - or at least you can, but they will have a word to describe that kind of behaviour.)

Rizz - a shortening of the word charisma — remove the "char" and the "ma", you're left with the "ris" syllable. Of course, why stop there - it can have a double z to give it more… Rizz.

The Oxford Dictionary defines RIZZ as, "Pertaining to someone’s ability to attract another person through style, charm, or attractiveness." While defined as a noun, the OED highlights that rizz can also be used as a verb - you can try that later I’m sure.


We will stick with 'configurability' …not enough ‘rizz’ perhaps to have made it into the public eye but being configurable is a key aspect of Spoonfed’s software solutions continuing to give Caterers and their clients the tools to manage their delivered catering properly.

For some catering operations it is simply a case of wanting to do more, more easily. There can be opportunities for other streams of revenue - but only worthwhile if automation and efficiency is part of the everyday (ie. ordering, production, delivering and charging) experience.

  • This could be a catering team in a CPU reaching out to a different client with a bespoke offering.
  • It could be an Independent School using the system to have a really efficient way to look after the weekend sports teams alongside typical day to day drop off hospitality.
  • Or a large University needing SSO for their internal staff with a particular checkout page which takes into account budget monitoring (and keeps the process frictionless of course!!) - but configuring things with Spoonfed’s ordering platform to engage with external clients who require a completely different interaction with the catering team (and set of menus!).
  • Or perhaps configuring Spoonfed’s MarketPlace functionality, a contract caterer will supplement what they offer their client by including other vendors (at certain sites, at certain times?) on the ordering platform.

There is no point pretending that delivered B2B hospitality management isn’t complex - the good news is ‘Complex’ can be profitable, but only if dealt with properly - not with manual or clunky processes.

Offering configurable, fit for purpose, flexible solutions has allowed Spoonfed to support those who are serious about getting B2B catering right, every time.