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What would YOU have asked for?

January 19, 2024

What is on your wish list?

It doesn't need to be Christmas for this question to be exciting. Or is it just a bit frustrating, especially if there is nothing actually available to match your wishes - or just who is going to fulfil that wish!!?

The good news is Spoonfed are currently letting the key players who manage catering in institutions know about the developments and solutions recently added by Spoonfed – We DID fulfil their wishes! These were significant additions - and often deal breakers in terms of winning accounts – ie. these features and functionality took Spoonfed beyond what others were doing and matched the aspirations for these teams. Now as we continue down the development road map in 2024, we are asking their peers...

“What would YOU have asked for?”

What we have found is that having a list of features is half the battle – it is how deep these developments go, how integrated they can be to their existing catering operation – and how comprehensive they are in terms of who gets to benefit from them.

One clear aspect was the fact that many of these institutional catering operations require a number of stake holders to be able to access data when hospitality is being ordered. This is more than just having a way for someone to let the kitchen know they would like to order some food. Alexander Graham Bell sorted that out some time ago. And, no spreadsheets and emails aren’t the answer!

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Two short examples:

Approving Orders Efficiently

Building in Order Approval to the ordering process gives a simple means of compliance for those ordering catering and a high level of efficiency for the catering team…and then confidence for the Budget Holders too. Spoonfed introduced our Order Approval feature to several Universities and Independent schools last year. Simply put, those placing an order select their ‘approver’ from their drop down list in the checkout page to notify them of the request…all parties are notified of the request, and progress is simplified. The Check out page fields are bespoke and no data is missing from any order.


Integrations with core Finance and ‘punch out’ systems means Spoonfed gives comprehensive support. Not all Spoonfed features are directly focussed on an individual order catering. A number of catering operations (institutions, Universities, Ind schools, public sector etc) have asked Spoonfed for customised integrations at a deeper level with their Financial software and ERP/ ‘Punch Out’ processes. For time saving, efficiency and accuracy to be maintained -and for the admin not to become burdensome - automation and integration with the institution’s systems can be crucial. These integrations ensure that key stake holders are involved from end to end -whether those ordering, the kitchen team processing, catering directors or the finance team, all are included.

What would you have asked for?

Get in touch with Spoonfed and tell us!!