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Tech to Tackle Food Waste

February 1, 2024

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Although this feature is called Group Ordering - it is in fact about individual customer choice. More than ever people are aware of allergens and dietary choices. But for those placing orders for others at meetings this becomes a problem...and we have a solution. And bringing more customer satisfaction and less waste shouldn't be overlooked either.

What do we mean by being ‘Choosy’? Are we talking just being sophisticatedly selective or are you just downright ‘persnickety’? (Apologies for the language). It’s not your fault of course - we’ve been given so much control and so much choice that putting up with anything that is not quite what we were looking for irks us slightly. Individuals have been trained to be choosy! Which is why you’re seriously considering whether to choose to read the rest of this blog or not…

It was good to see a determined focus on Food Waste again recently – a big part of the challenge in this is of course, for caterers to put food in front of people that they want to eat. Simple? If people are more particular than ever before then giving the opportunity to choose what they want, even in meeting room settings, is will a big part in getting this right.

A while back Burger King changed their famous slogan, ‘Have it Your Way’. They replaced it with ‘Be Your Way’, showing that, when it comes to adhering to rules for English grammar you can, in fact, ‘Have it Your Way’. Apparently, the slogan was intended to remind people that, ‘they can and should live how they want anytime…self-expression is most important and it’s our differences that make us individuals instead of robots.’ So, if you want a philosophical argument on existentialism with your fries you know where to go.

Spoonfed’s building of their Group Ordering feature was a classic example of what growing their development team had set out to achieve, ie creating the tools which catering managers are looking for, to help them deliver a service which enhances customer experience, (ie gets better feedback!) avoids wasting time – and avoids wasting food!
The Group Ordering feature also allowed FSMs, Caterers and QSRs to be creative as they continue to give choice to their food bookers.

Group Ordering

Group Ordering is a misnomer perhaps - its name completely fails to highlight that this is all about the individual choice. Giving this option to those planning catering for meetings has been a massive win for all concerned.

  • a meeting facilitator can send a link to guests inviting them to choose from particular menu created for this purpose (with a clear budget and timeline for booking) . In an instant they have removed any second guessing of who has particular dietary needs, allergen issues or calorie questions.
  • and of course the guests feel valued…they get to ‘Be Your Way’ (as they say!)
  • and the tools for the catering team to manage these orders are comprehensive too…time saved and food waste avoided…and revenue margins watched!

So, be choosy! Spoonfed’s tech solutions give catering managers choice in how they can best reach out to their current (and potential) customers with a range of business use-cases and features based around efficiency for everyone involved.

The final thing to choose is a date to ask us for a demo and discover what Spoonfed can do for you.