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Summing up Spoonfed (or ‘How I risked my life.’)

February 1, 2024

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Spoonfed has a whole team of in-house developers…I want to draw attention to their work but I’m nervous about summing up what they do for Spoonfed (There are some big lads in there!)…what can I say about how they have shaped our tech solutions for catering teams globally? Or the depth and complexity of what their expertise brings to the continually updating of innovations to our delivered catering software?

How can I sum it up? Here goes…

‘They save caterers time’

Yes, just the four words. Now, before I go into hiding let me make my case. We’ve said before that ‘time saving’ is not the only headline when it comes to ‘Why?’ managers are keen to see tech solutions brought into play for online corporate catering orders - but it’s rarely off the no.1 spot! And in the current climate its position is very secure. At its most basic, smaller teams need to avoid wasting time answering calls and emails, outlining costs, chasing PO numbers. Tighter budgets means that employing extra staff to do ‘admin’ is, frankly, a non-starter.

In addition, those placing the orders are also saving lots of time in their order journey and that is a key piece of information for catering managers to get across as they engage with the client. Short term or long term, any clunkiness in the ordering process at any stage is costly, not simply with your staff time, but in the how catering is scored when it comes to customer satisfaction and the inevitable tender process.

So, yes I’m sticking with my summary of significant time saving…but we can break it down and consider some aspects of how the, all important, frictionless nature of the order journey is achieved.
This is why our developers focus on…

  • a clear and confident ordering experience – even with complex, multi time slot, high value orders customers aren't going to be constantly contacting the kitchen
  • a highly configurable checkout page - a bespoke set of gates the order needs to pass through to be auto confirmed so the kitchen isn't constantly contacting the customer
  • features to avoid those booking orders second guessing about other's allergens or dietary requirements etc. It’s key to get it spot on but don’t let it bring the process to a halt!
  • an order approval option – no-one is denying that monitoring budget spend is part of corporate catering but avoid letting it tie up the catering process in red tape
  • an invoice module where developments have brought a new level of efficiency with automation at every turn

This list could go on and on, so, with tongue very much in cheek, I’m going to stick with my summary, ie our team has developed some time saving features for the catering teams across Education campuses, B&I and public sector office spaces.

Why not discover where you can benefit from all their hard work… ask for a demo of Spoonfed to discover how caterers are doing more – more easily!