Spoonfed Wins Tenders to Support Education Sector

January 19, 2024

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Spoonfed are celebrating - it's been great to cement a year of growth in the Education Sector with preferred supplier awards from APUC and Holroyd Howe.

Spoonfed has confirmed their position as one of the key providers of tech solutions for catering teams in the Education sector by being ranked 1st with APUC framework tender for Delivered Catering Management Systems. Winning the APUC tender came hard on the heels of being made preferred supplier for Holroyd Howe’s Independent School accounts. Already being used by Holroyd Howe’s parent company, Baxter Storey in further education sites and B&I accounts, Spoonfed are now seeing their solutions fitting well into the diverse requirements of a number of Independent schools across England.

Willie Biggart, EVP commented, “We were delighted to be successful in the APUC tender - it’s testimony to the efforts of the development team over the last couple of years continually introducing new features and business use cases to this sector.”

These developments have seen Spoonfed secure a number of Universities and Colleges accounts across the UK and US - some independent operations and many with the largest global contract caterers. “There were a couple of key things to consider - yes, we did put a lot of development into features addressing areas of inefficiency and tackling their ‘pain-points’ - basically anything which undermines the frictionless nature of an order being placed online. Managers have found that this is not the environment for a ‘Click & Collect’ App. They live in the world of complicated, high value orders, involving a number of edits before completion and that is where our developments have paid off. For instance, we offer a built in Order Approval feature which avoids the time consuming to-ing and fro-ing when spend controls are in place. It’s all about making sure that type of frustration, alongside errors, waste and disappointment are avoided. However, our continued growth in this sector lies in the realisation that, with these operations, it can’t only be about ‘fixing’ issues - there is often a complexity with catering operations in the Education sector, with a wide range of hospitality being offered, so it was vital to understand that it’s not just about ironing out the processes – it is also very much about giving these catering teams the ability to seize the diverse opportunities that are part of their world. That is why we developed a number of business use cases to allow even reduced teams to be flexible and innovative in how they engage with a wide range of clients.”

“2022 was certainly our busiest across this exciting sector - these accounts bring their challenges of course, and we have increased our development team in order to match the aspirations of the catering managers in these accounts. However, we wanted to celebrate our success too and it’s fair to say sponsoring last month’s FS Cateys Education Award was one of the easier decisions I have had to make this year.” Discover how Spoonfed can give your catering operation a great level of efficiency and open up opportunities to extend your reach. Ask for a demo today.