Reasons to be cheerful…

May 9, 2024


“Reasons to be cheerful…” 

How was your first quarter. Off to a Flyer? Perhaps not everyone’s description of the average beginning of the year - way too positive, surely?! 

But wait…Spoonfed have taken a moment to look at some averages - as far as Spoonfed users are concerned, there ARE reasons to be cheerful.

What became clear was that comparing January 2024 versus the previous January, Spoonfed customers generally increased orders processed through their Spoonfed accounts. So yes, for some it has become a great start to the year.

Now we know that, as someone once said, ‘facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable’.*  

Fair point - the average revenue increase was pretty impressive but this was skewed by some stratospheric increases by a few customers.  

So, we wondered then what a better measure might be, and being good stats buffs, we settled on the 'median' increase, i.e. taking the value associated with middle-ranking customers. What are the average Joe and Joanne doing?

That brought out a 12% increase in the number of orders (activity) and an 18% increase in order value (revenue).  A 5.4% price increase would explain the disparity between the two. Does that chime with you? There has been significant food and labor inflation over the year. Keeping price increases to 5.4% is  impressive. 

So well done everyone - and may the reasons to be cheerful continue.

But what does the strategic set up of a corporate catering portal for receiving and processing orders look like? Does having a first class engagement with customers, which Spoonfed's team will build for you, really drive these numbers?

Taking a deep dive to discover what  Spoonfed can help caterers achieve is something more and more managers are doing - why not book a demo and see how the figures above are understood ‘on the ground’.

*Mark Twain