Who Cares?

February 1, 2024

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When it comes to getting the delivered catering process right day to day how many people care?

Yes, the person getting their lunch…and the kitchen manager, of course.

Any other interested parties??

When Spoonfed demos solutions which their delivered hospitality management software brings there are more people round the table than ever.

Let’s consider one, often repeated, scenario:

A contract caterer is working in an Independent School. The range of catering on offer is wide (day to day, events, sports teams etc).

The catering manager speaks with the Ops director and it’s agreed that the clunky process with time wasting calls and emails and spreadsheets does no-one any favours…they know Spoonfed’s software has solutions to this and a presentation is set up...

So, who cares about doing all this well? Who will want to see the system streamlined, who will want to have a say in how things are done, who is affected by catering at this school??

  • The school's Finance team… for instance, they want to hear about the ‘Order Approval’ feature in order to manage department’s budgets. And doing this as part of a frictionless ordering process is spot on. And being able to produce a range of customised cross charging reports as well as having a robust card payment gateway is key for them
  • The IT dept is also represented…more and more it is the IT dept who have questions around handling data and how we can provide Single sign-on security. A large UK Contract caterer’s Head of IT concluded: “Spoonfed offer a stable product that is highly configurable, making it very suitable for the contract catering sector and a product that is backed up with great support.”
  • PAs and regular food bookers… of course, they were there to hear about a highly visual, confident ordering journey…all allergens and dietary details, costs, ability to place notes, clear checkout page, order confirmation. And of course, to be able to quickly make edits without a string of emails and calls…what a relief – and what a time saver!!
  • The catering manager - well obviously. The frictionless nature of orders being received and the ability to set menus up with their own parameters for each day was going to save so much time and answer the issue of running with a smaller kitchen team

Who cares? Lots of people…those affected by manual processes… those affected by time consuming admin which, although necessary, really can’t be allowed to take centre stage. It needs to be managed with the right tools. Those who work with fewer staff and still need automation and efficiency to provide a quality service each day.

And naturally, this scenario can be played out by those who are in are in B&I Head offices, or dealing with multi locations which need hospitality catering supplied.

Speak with our demo team to discover how Spoonfed can make a difference.