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Let's get serious

February 1, 2024

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It’s fair to say, that if the question ‘Which came first - the chicken or the egg?’ had been part of a tender process it would have included a supplementary ‘…and did it have Order Approval?’ Or ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ would need to include the ability to report on carbon footprint, allergens and how many times were they crossing the road over any given period.

We live in a world where those who are taking catering seriously have realised that only tech solutions will allow them to thrive:

  • There’s the basics of huge time saving in receiving and processing orders when online ordering for B2B catering is automated properly - time is money!
  • Tech solutions are available for when client’s requirement re budget spend and dept responsibility need to be met, without bringing the catering operation to a snail’s pace
  • Compliance, clarity, confidence can be part of the hospitality experience - even with complex orders - over every aspect of the ordering journey.

Caterers are well aware that the hurdles to the fundamental issue of getting the right food, to the right place, on time, every time are manifold. Spoonfed has worked on a number of developments recognising that simple B2C ordering apps are just not fit for purpose in the world of corporate catering.

And it’s worth the investment!

Yes, complex catering requirements can bring their headaches, but the opportunity for growth through additional revenue streams is obvious.

Ash Lakhaney, former Technology manager with BaxterStorey, commented: “Working with other tech had its limitations – I was looking for software able to tackle the issues being faced, take the opportunities opening up, and give the level of support required to move forward confidently. I found Spoonfed”

Taking catering seriously now means there are a whole raft of additional questions, procedures, barriers, requirements alongside just producing great food – we are in a hybrid working environment where staff numbers to cater for fluctuate, and where there are more issues than ever around allergens, dietary issues and carbon footprint.

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