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'It's the Customers, stupid!'

January 20, 2024

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Maybe it’s just because it’s the start of the year but sometimes you can find yourself taking stock of what’s important – the fundamentals…a back to basics kind of thinking because at the end of the day if you can’t get that right…well...?

Some of you will remember what became a de facto election slogan back in the 90s – ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ – it was one way of emphasising what was key. You’ll have the equivalent for your business no doubt?

Spoonfed’s development team added another member of staff at the start of the year and the increase in their numbers, is in tandem (naturally) with the growing number of new business use-cases and features being made available to our users. But front and centre, is providing the user’s customers with a clear, confident, frictionless experience - ‘It’s the customers, stupid’. This drives what Spoonfed does.

Yes, we have a whole range of modules for catering teams managing every aspect of each order – processing, invoicing, reporting, end to end. But while managers and their staff team enjoy feathering their own kitchen stations, Spoonfed will still be returning to focus the customer’s ordering experience - here's why...

Meeting expectations for meetings!

People are already used to ordering food online these days so it just needs a simple App right? No, not really. While the amount of people ordering food online has increased this is for a simple order for later in the day. Can large, high value corporate orders really be placed with confidence, accuracy and efficiency? And when this order is for next week, and changes will doubtless be required, can phone calls and emails - and more calls/more emails - really be avoided? And can we reduce that margin for error too?! In summary, simple Apps are not fit for purpose.

Hidden Costs

Here is where caterers are selling more than great food…they are selling time, since the time taken for staff to place simple hospitality requests is often a hidden one. What could be a 3 min job can easily be 10 mins and much more, for reasons we have seen above. For those regularly ordering hospitality that’s a lot of wasted time…and staff time is too precious to throw away on unnecessary admin.

‘It’s all about Me!’

Using a system which is built around your customer’s individual profile is the solution bringing efficiency and accuracy. And customer’s love it! Order, Edit, Reorder – so simple. Allergen details are clear too. AND there is room for adding their all important notes regarding dietary requirements. No more leaving messages hoping the catering team remembers. Giving this sort of peace of mind throughout to your customers is key to making your ordering portal their confident ‘go-to’ page. Lastly, corporate and events hospitality managers want to focus on impressing with their great food. However, surrounding their dishes are other key areas to get right and they need the right tools to manage these areas. Check Out Pages are key. Making sure that the order process is both frictionless and gets the right food to the right place, on time, every time, requires a comprehensive and configurable check out page. With space for multiple event time slots, dept codes, costs centres, and includes an Order Approval feature, Spoonfed delivers the level of control required to run hospitality properly and automated to a level where food can always be the focus.

Spoonfed understands the world of catering – our development is anchored in listening to the requirements and plans of catering directors and managers which is why so many have discovered that our solutions are such a great fit for them. Get in touch for a demo today.