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Guest Orientated Solutions for Today

February 1, 2024

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Life moves fast! Take a moment to think of some things we now accept as normal, which our grandparents would have winced at. And then consider that there are many other things which were ‘everyday’ just a generation ago, but which now, we just laugh at. How about a campaign slogan from the 1950s?: ‘More doctors smoke Camel than any other cigarette.’ More what do what??? Or giving yourself a headache trying to get MagicEye images (the one above has a baseball theme they tell me)...or what about recording music off the radio! Maybe we'll see something similar in 2040 –‘You did what?!' Who knows?

Someone once said the only lessons from history are that we don’t pay attention to the lessons from history. It's always good to look back and make changes that make life better. Case in point - consider the following: if the key to success for many in the hospitality sector is in embracing guest-oriented solutions for each aspect of their service then Group Ordering is a vital component.

Why was Spoonfed’s Group Ordering feature introduced?

It’s worth looking back and considering what the experience was before a Group Ordering option was in place when organising catering for a meeting:

  • high level of stress, hassle and time wasting for the facilitator
  • high level of potential disappointment for those at the lunch table
  • high level of difficulty for the caterer to score well in individual's feedback

Let’s tip our hats to the meeting facilitators who plan catering. But then let’s give them the software they need to do the job well. They are catering to a public who, more than ever before, have particular dietary requirements and are more nuanced in their menu choices.

Our Group Ordering feature removes the guesswork in ordering and relieves the pressure on one person to get it right for everyone. The rise in numbers of vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians, alongside allergen concerns, equates to a huge amount of unnecessary admin time being spent by those organising meetings, desperately trying to make sure they cater for everyone properly.

Ah, and did you notice the additional reasoning behind this tech solution has side stepped from merely avoiding a poor user experience into the economic issue of wasted staff time. Spooned can easily demonstrate to their clients a return on investment from using our software solution which often runs into $000s of staff admin costs each year...let’s just say when we highlight these hidden staff costs it focuses the mind somewhat.

Let's flip this over and consider what we have just outlined from the point of view of those in these meetings wanting to enjoy their lunch. Don't fall into the trap of thinking this is about catering just for a small band of ‘those people’ who are particular (we want to say ‘fussy’ don’t we?) in what they will eat or who are ‘awkward’ because of allergen issues. Surely, we are past that sort of thinking. If you really think it’s just a tiny minority who expect a wide choice when it comes to menus the rise of the Flexitarian has clearly passed you by.

A Solution and it’s an Opportunity.

At Spoonfed we have a simple FAQ sheet detailing how our Group Ordering solution works, covering the basics of how orders are originated, placed, and processed. End to end we have a solution that is not just suitable for today but expected by any who are looking for an enhanced and confident experience when ordering food. Get in touch and we can send you the FAQ sheet.

What’s your takeaway from reading this blog? I'm hoping it will be the fact that at Spoonfed our expertise and technology will bring you comprehensive solutions for your catering operation. And that our development team continue to enhance our solutions as we listen to the requirements of those at the sharp end of delivered hospitality. Now you can take a moment to take another look at that stupid Magic Eye image!!