Daily Bread Delivered with a bit of help from Spoonfed!

January 19, 2024


Adapting post Covid-19 with Spoonfed

Pettigrew Bakeries is a new and truly independent bakery in the beautiful Victoria Park area of Cardiff. Their iconic shop front was known by locals for 83 years as F Janes & Sons which traded as a pet store and hardware shop. Sid Janes retired in 2015 and the Pettigrew team promised him that they would restore his Victorian Shop and reopen it with a new lease of life providing incredible baked products to local people and beyond.

Their bakery and shop enjoyed a thriving wholesale and retail trade, but then the Covid Pandemic struck.

However, Pettigrew Bakeries, not short of an entrepreneurial idea or two themselves, quickly reached out to Spoonfed to implement a Click & Deliver / Collect solution. The launch of the Spoonfed system allowed the Pettigrew team to curate an online ordering platform to ensure their team of local bakers could continue using their traditional, and Artisan techniques, to create brilliant hand made real bread and many more delicious treats.

Renowned for dedication, passion and integrity from day 1, the Pettigrew team has become a reference for real quality in South Wales and with Spoonfed’s help they have been able to supply their incredible baking to more people than ever.


“I just wanted to take a second to thank you for the incredible job you've done in getting us set up. It was 9 days from my first contact to going live to take orders.

“We managed to capture all of our telephone order market and convert a very high percentage to using online. That habit looks to stay now for our customers.

“Feedback is exceptionally high, with a huge amount referring to the ease of use of the ordering process/ease of amending orders etc.

“The platform helps us to look considerably more competent and professional than perceived for small independent businesses.

“I originally intended to either use an order enquiry form or have a bespoke website made. With the challenges and complexities overcome together with your support Kerri, I now realise not only how naive that was, but just how much it would have cost me in time and cash.

“To say I'm happy is an understatement.”

David La Masurier, Owner, Pettigrew Bakeries

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