Cutting Edge? Or Cutting Corners

January 19, 2024

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“Brand visibility, fresh content and a slick digital ecosystem will make or break chances of success, now more than ever”

Does this type of advertising resonate, inspire, or make your stomach lurch? All you ever wanted to do was to see people enjoying the amazing food you had created!

There is a great deal of peer pressure at the moment to be offering online ordering. ‘Simply get the App, upload menus and off you go!’

Does that make you ‘cutting edge’? Or just cutting corners? What might it take to properly navigate through what are extremely tough times for catering firms and restaurant owners...and importantly, how do you take up the new opportunities that have now appeared?

Let's consider 3 things:

Don’t cut corners!

Yes, being part of the e-commerce world is easier than ever before and you can quickly tick that box. But going in half-hearted may find you in a very frustrating cul-de-sac.

One clear outcome from the pandemic has been companies increasing use of technology to bring a raft of solutions as they coped with a new environment. In the F&B sector dark kitchens have grown exponentially, with these CPUs being able to offer a white-labelled portal for various clients. With the right tech, comprehensive enough to open up a range of opportunities, we have seen restaurants and caterers manoeuvre into a place which has brought them much needed solutions (and revenue!) at this time. This has allowed innovative catering firms to receive food orders from a range of companies, each of whom are ordering through their ‘own brand’ portal, with bespoke menus for staff. All these orders are managed in one comprehensive back-end system. Outcome: right food, to the right place, on time, every time; with all the reporting and management of customer accounts you would expect.

“The Spoonfed platform is a seamless solution that fits our need to combine the guest-facing experience with the operational tools to organize and scale fulfillment of catering style packages that ultimately allowed us to extend our reach and drive revenue. Embracing technology-based solutions like Spoonfed have helped us not only survive but thrive.” Laura Fehrle, General Manager, Garces Events

Don’t cut corners and be flexible enough to grow. Receiving orders online is just the beginning of things - each order requires to be managed expertly and efficiently. With the right system you can organize events, drop-off catering, Executive Dining Rooms and more - all from a streamlined Back-End process integrated to your customer facing online ordering portal.

You CAN be cutting edge

Yes, you CAN be cutting edge and digital solutions DO open up opportunities.

Caterers who want to offer a diverse range of services can use widgets to manage multiple ‘order flows’, eg. Corporate menus, ‘Pre-order and Pay’, alternative brands etc. All of which can be managed from one back end. The ‘order flows’ and the menus within these widgets can have their own lead-in times, availability by time and location etc. This gives you the control required to manage everything from what menus you make available through to your own team size at any given time. Time is saved, errors are avoided and wastage is cut. Spoonfed provides business use cases which are multi various, for simple and complex accounts.

“We are fulfilling a service and continuing to engage with customers and clients in a way that would have been incredibly challenging without the tools Spoonfed gives us. The customization features ensure we can still offer a broad choice to our customers, putting multiple variations on core products.” Robin Thomson – General Manager, CH&Co

‘Come with Us’

Let’s be frank. Spoonfed is really not ‘Here is your App’. We are very much more, ‘Come with us.’

In 2020 Spoonfed decided to increase their Development Team and work alongside those caterers and restaurants who were willing to pivot as they adapted to what was happening to their customer base. We developed what was required and 13 months on we now know more than ever what the F&B sector have faced, and what can be done to come through the pain of the pandemic and into better times.

This background underpins and drives our desire to stand alongside those in our sector who are looking for ways to move forward again; we do so by offering an onboarding service and a responsive support team which is second to none in experience and expertise.

“This really is the complete package. Spoonfed are always thinking outside the box and adding new and exciting features. The support given is truly unbelievable and they go above and beyond to help with any queries.” Kirsty Hotson – Benugo

There is no need to go it alone - our system is now used globally by caterers and restaurants who have found that Spoonfed gives them the tools required to thrive in the changing landscape of business and retail catering.

“Our customers love the system! They find the front-of-house system very informative and easy to use. I am very happy with our working relationship with the Spoonfed Team. They keep me in touch with system updates and their Development Team always listens to all feedback”. Thelma Dumelow, Hospitality Supervisor, University of Chichester

Find out if Spoonfed is right for you - speak to one of our team today and come with us!