Customer Service - Core or Bolt-on?

January 19, 2024

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It’s National Customer Service Week in the UK. A good time to reflect on your Customer Service - is it core or a bolt-on?

Working in a world of SaaS, it’s easy to focus solely on selling the gains to be had from using your software: the efficiency it will bring, the time saved, the margins it will help with, how much more wonderful your life will be for you, your family and frie...well, you get the picture.

And in lots of ways that makes total sense.

However, often it is not until the customer has signed up for onboarding the software that the value of your customer service can fully be known...or indeed what truly awful customer service you have!

We’ve all experienced poor customer service, sometimes winding us up more than the original issue we are looking for help with.

For instance, the doctor’s surgery sends a text asking you not to get in touch with them this week as they are really busy. (Yes, I did get that.) Or the library staff who give you the impression that they are annoyed at people coming and taking their books away. (Is that just me that happens to?)

Of course, if it’s that sort of thing which triggers you then the same applies to your customers!

SaaS - the clue is in the name!

When we do a sales pitch with Spoonfed we don’t hold back on telling potential customers how much our customer service is appreciated. We’re convinced that Customer Service is not a little bonus or a nice touch if possible? Don’t be fooled into that sort of thinking. Recently, we received feedback from a senior operator in a global FSO who had onboarded our software in a number of accounts.

This is how they started... “Spoonfed has truly elevated the catering experience for our clients and operators. Our clients have appreciated the simplicity in ordering, including the group ordering functionality. Our operators are able to manage multiple menus and edits autonomously - offering efficiency while delivering hospitality.”

And this was their main point... “Most of all, Spoonfed has proven to be a partner from in depth training and support to remaining flexible with our client requests and innovation models.”

This is not just about looking after the biggest clients - it was great to receive this assessment from a Spoonfed user - an independent business who needed a digital solution as they catered for one of the world’s most famous Universities...showing that it was more than just the tech they were delighted with:

“It is rare to find a combination of the right product, with the right people. I would recommend Spoonfed to my competitors” - Muriel Putelat, Lemon Thyme

Relationships, communication and integrity - these elements are as key as any of the code the developers will write in the background.

Customer Service isn’t focussed on what we do when something is broken or not fit for purpose - it’s not like needing to take your new car back into the garage every week. It’s far more. It’s an ongoing relationship. Built on a team...

  • understanding what’s required, and aware that the client will often begin to see new opportunities (and headaches) appearing as they change into a more innovative way of working.
  • monitoring progress to create efficiency for the customer they hadn’t even realised was achievable and to make sure they get the most out of the system
  • continuing to promote ideas and alternatives as features are introduced or enhanced

All this happens when the ‘right people’ work alongside the customer for their success. In software terms that’s not a ‘bolt-on’- it’s core to what Spoonfed are about.

It’s National Customer Service week in the UK. A good week to make sure your Customer Service Team are valued and supported as they are a key element to your business thriving.

And a good week to speak with Spoonfed too - not just for solutions for your catering order management but for how it will be delivered.