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Customer Feedback in Spoonfed

January 19, 2024

“Accuracy, clarity, productivity, planning! In short Spoonfed has transformed our hospitality department.” - General Manager for a University contract, Elior
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

We love getting feedback from Spoonfed users and hearing how our software is making a difference. Feedback lets you know what is most valued, and what you can improve in your service.

And our new feature will give Spoonfed users a powerful tool for automatically accumulating and displaying feedback from their customers.

In a recent system update we added a Customer Reviews feature to the Spoonfed software, making it easier than ever for our customers to hear what people like and don’t like about an order.

Real-time catering feedback

With Spoonfed’s Customer Reviews you can monitor in real-time the feedback your customers provide on your food and service, including quantitative (1 to 5 / frowny to smiley) reviews and qualitative (free-form text box) data.

Combined with the reporting feature in Spoonfed, which can show menu popularity, changes in customer order-frequency, and the number of days notice provided for orders, among many other things, Customer Reviews forms a valuable part of a system that makes it easy to monitor progress and produce actionable insights.

Limit review requests - your customer didn’t order spam

While getting feedback helps you improve your service, it can never be done at the expense of customer good-will. Sending out dozens of messages saying how much you value people’s opinions and asking them to review your service when they have specifically asked you not to is a quick way to lose customers.

Spoonfed's new feature allows for emails requesting an order review to be limited in number so that only a certain number is sent out each month, or the feature can be simply disabled if the customer would rather not be asked for feedback on any orders.

If you’d like to know more about Spoonfed’s new Customer Reviews function click on the icon on the bottom right to chat with one of us :)