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Contactless or Uncontactable

January 19, 2024

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I still smile at the old adage – ‘What’s the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom? Knowledge is understanding a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad’.

Try this one: ‘What’s the difference between being Contactless and Uncontactable?’

Sound similar but there’s a world of a difference and in restricted pandemic times these words have become hugely significant areas to get right in delivered catering.

Are you really ‘Contactless’?

Payment gateway - prepaid or on account. Check!

Enhanced delivery or pickup options. A system which offers the ability to bring to the right floor/room/desk, or can add a vehicle reg number to give confidence and security. Check!

A seamless ordering process which includes integration with delivery companies. Check!

A ‘Group Ordering*’ feature to replace the typical ordering of shared platters with individually packaged catering ordered by individuals and managed by the meeting facilitator. This key feature will be a standard requirement as people return to the workplace. Check!

Are you Uncontactable?

With fewer people on catering teams if you have encouraged customers to place orders with phone calls and email/forms your answer machine and inbox are not fit for purpose. And if that order is already placed and there is a call about a change the opportunity for mistakes has just increased. Fewer staff may also mean a reduction in menu offering, or opening times. That’s another headache to overcome.

Removing the manual implementation of orders across all aspects of the process is key. Customers want an online system which exudes confidence when they order. Catering teams need a system to remove the admin from the ordering process so they can focus on getting their great food prepared.

Wisdom is having a system where you are contactable through a fantastic ordering platform with the ‘back office’ to fulfil your online promises. Knowledge or wisdom? Spoonfed’s features mean you have both.

Discover what our software can do for your catering business with a demo from one of our team members.

*Group Ordering is an enhanced Spoonfed feature