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Catering Compliance with Convenience

April 3, 2024


How many people does it take to order catering?

For caterers working in institutions, it is becoming clearer than ever that the catering order is more than just a conversation between the person requesting food and the kitchen team.

Monitoring department budgets is something which needs to be taken in to account as orders are placed. But who is involved and how, can slowdown processes. Compliance over costs and content are being scrutinised and the issue for the catering team is that this derails what should be a confident, clear and time-saving ordering experience.

Spoonfed’s ‘Order Approval’

The Order Approval feature ensures this necessary extra step of an order being justified or rubber-stamped does not create inefficient timewasting or reduce the quality of the user experience for those creating orders. And for those ‘Authorizers’ required to be part of the checks and balances there is a simple dashboard provided so they are fully informed and to be able to respond as they see fit.

Reporting and Updating!

It’s human nature to spend other people’s money easily – at least, that’s what we tell ourselves anyway. The bottom line is there is a bottom line! Awareness about spending, and spending limits is key.  Spoonfed gives the tools to quickly run bespoke reports on what departments have spent over any given period – and guidance(?!)can be given to those who have spent 50% of a budget 3 months into the financial year.

Compliance and the Kitchen Team

Being compliant often hinders the process of placing, processing and fulfilling orders – the functionality of Order Approval informsthe kitchen team of the ‘pending’ or ‘approved’ status of any order needing togo through that process without being involved in a thread of emails.

How many people does it take to place an order? There are certainly those who need to be involved for different reasons – this extensive Order Approval solution means that those with responsibility for compliance and transparency, and those looking to make sure process of hospitality being delivered on time areall catered for.

Of course, Order Approval is an option which sits alongside the broad scope of How? Who? and When? of payments – Spoonfed’s Checkout Page can be tailored to manage invoices, card payments, ‘on account’ cross charging, mandatory PO codes, and personalised Cost Centres etc.