Canine or ‘Can do’ Customers

January 20, 2024

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Customers can be more like cats than dogs - stick with me on this one…

The issue of how you can create customers who are more like cats than dogs is a key one because their behaviour impacts on their sense of customer satisfaction but also on the catering team’s time!

More like cats??

These are the ones who just get on with things - customers who are assured in their ordering experience - yes, even with complicated, high value orders. They have what they need and they enjoy the process…no fuss, in their own time and with an air of confidence.

The more canine-like?

Well, perhaps you will recognise these scenarios…this is when the process is primarily manual, and you have a customer nudging you, looking for assurance and guidance and more questions and generally getting in the way unnecessarily.
Avoid having this type of customer- with their emails and their calls (more calls to double check) and give them a better, simpler, error-free, apprehensive free, way to order. The time saved by catering teams in this area is the major way of saving time. The return on investment in this area alone is incontestable.

How to create more ‘cats’.

Spoonfed will give the catering team a whole raft of modules to manage every aspect of each order - providing production notes, menu management, invoicing, reporting etc. It’s comprehensive! However, it is vital that all of this is fronted with a best-in-class, customer ordering experience. An individual ordering their own lunch online might be an everyday thing, however the requirements for ordering high value, complicated, hospitality needs a focussed tech solution if you are going to avoid time wasting, repeated calls and checks with the kitchen. Spoonfed provides a highly visual, clear and confident ordering experience. And, customers having their own profile, makes editing (so common with corporate orders) and re-ordering so simple. Menus are dynamic, responding to the day/time and lead in time for each order. As they close the order, the bespoke check out page means they are kept right, right to the end as they confirm the order.

So, yes, lots of power in the back office for catering teams, but the simple basics (which can be complicated!) of customer confidence when placing orders are still front and centre.

Discover how Spoonfed can bring efficiency and time saving through having cat-like customers.