Can Caterers be Confident?

February 1, 2024

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Being confident in things is hardly in vogue at the moment. Too many cul-de-sacs. Too many uncertainties across too many areas of life. However, for catering businesses this is a time to be on the front foot – with the right tools the uncertainties can be managed – tech solutions aren’t magic wands making difficult times disappear - but they give catering teams the ability to work through the real issues being faced: eg

  • reduced staff numbers
  • the hybrid working patterns of the customers
  • food price fluctuation

Reduced staff numbers:

We know from surveys of those managing busy hospitality operations that lack of time is a frustration to say the least! – taking up staff time with unnecessary admin is an expensive problem effecting everything from their own creativity through to customer satisfaction and staff morale. A software solution to tackle the issue of wasting staff time with unnecessary admin is fundamental, core, it's essential, it's the bedrock to....well, you get the point?!!*

If it's Tuesday then...?

Hybrid working patterns are not going to go away. Yes, the CEOs will mump and moan but too many workers enjoy the flexibility (and benefit from it – let’s not go into that!!) for it to be consigned to history as something that was just part of the pandemic.

Spoonfed gives caterers comprehensive menu management of their online menus– which days are open, what menus available on different days at which time? Thinking again of the staffing issues, being able to set how many orders can be taken per time slot also takes account of a reduced team on any given day. And of course being able to set Daily Limits on items is going to be part of how waste is avoided and the all important margins day to day are watched.

Counting the costs

Talking of margins...there is no doubt that whether domestically or in business everyone is aware of the fluctuating price of food. Watching the margins is always important, but it’s now more difficult.
Having a system which allows unlimited editing and additions to online menus will be key to winning this particular battle. The Spoonfed team can also help set up smart menus where up-sells and add-ons can make such a difference. So whether starting with portion control and clear production notes for the kitchen team to get it right every time, through to applying a range of service charges across a number of areas, and moving right through to delivery charges, Spoonfed are making it possible to avoid the waste, avoid mistakes and avoid that terrible habit of throwing money away!

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