Because you're worth it!!

February 1, 2024

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Spoonfed’s tagline ‘Catering Simplified’ occasionally needs to be teased out a bit because we know corporate and event catering is far from simple. Perhaps the phrase, ‘It’s easy - if you know how’ might help.

When managing complex catering orders with manual processes it can seem like a dream come true to discover a system which is comprehensive and thorough in the job it does.

But is it worth it?

Why spend on these solutions – afterall, ordering via spreadsheets, emails and phone calls all come for free? Don't they?

Customers ordering takes time

If 'time is money' then our question is immediately answered. Ordering corporate catering requires a number of steps in the dance to be done properly. Confirming what’s possible, checking costs, asking about allergens etc…on average a 13 minute ordering time can be reduced to 4 mins using Spoonfed. And in addition to that you have a catering team fully focussed on serving you.

So, what is the cost of frustrating time wasting processes day to day?! And we haven’t even started looking at the customer experience…

Confident ordering even when complex

Can even complex ordering be managed online? – absolutely! Menus which have built in availability and lead in times means the customer is confident - not just hopeful - when placing an order. Visually it’s a great ordering experience too. All allergen, calorie, food content is viewable and appears on the order confirmation.

Can mistakes be avoided – especially when editing an order is a regular occurrence? How will that be achieved? Does your current process involve leaving messages and hoping they will be picked up. Another flurry of emails to make the change? Oh, and then checking the costs again? Spoonfed eradicates costly mistakes…and removes the hassles

Clarity in ordering end to end

Customers having their profile page with all their orders viewable and readily edited or reordered, means that all of a sudden they are in control at a level the caterer has set…and everyone is saving time… and we mean everyone! If you are using manual processes you can add to the time taken for ordering some more time taken on spend control and budgeting. This is not unnecessary admin – it’s very much necessary admin! But a series of emails is surely not the answer.

A range of solutions are available to bring a frictionless experience from start to finish. Mandatory fields in the checkout page means orders can only be placed when all the department and cost code information is to hand – and if ‘approvers’ are required they can be notified directly and given a dashboard to make approving (or denying!) orders simple.

Worth it?

The return on investment with Spoonfed is significant – staff save time by using an intuitive system; users avoid frustration and enjoy comprehensive accuracy; everyone finds clarity throughout the ordering experience; errors are avoided. Perhaps you will be amongst those who can’t afford not to have Spoonfed.

Get in touch for a demo and discover what Spoonfed can do for you.