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Are Coworking Spaces missing Lunch or just Opportunities?!

February 1, 2024

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The philosophy behind Co-working spaces is an interesting one – but if someone doesn’t order lunch what’s the point anymore??

The popularity and necessity of Co-working spaces seems to be growing - it could be traced to a number of factors - certainly the growth in hybrid WFH practices…but I still say there must be an easier way for me to order some catering for a meeting.

You see this is not a blog to consider the whys and wherefores of the rise and rise of Coworking Spaces or the effects on working relationships.

This is about those managing Coworking spaces taking the opportunity to add an extra level of service for clients, protect the vibe they have sought to achieve, and find an extra stream of revenue to boot.

The Opportunity

Already any coworking website worth its salt has photos of happy millennials meeting together and sharing seemingly hilarious anecdotes - probably something about collaboration. Often these meetings will involve some form of hospitality and this is the gap for the Coworking space management to step into. Simply put, office managers using Spoonfed’s 'MarketPlace' catering technology will be able to give its members an excellent – and own branded - platform that gets the hospitality right for the coworking space.

  • a thoroughly confident experience for their members placing orders,
  • a live dashboard/calendar with complete view of all catering orders coming into the building for those managing the location

Here's the clever bit...

The MarketPlace

You set the tone! The ordering portal is cloud based so easily accessed and bookmarked or linked from your website. - crucially, YOU decide which local food vendors get to appear here. Having your own white-labelled ‘MarketPlace’ allows you to set terms with these vendors – they may even want to put certain menus on your portal exclusive to your location with different prices too . Having a bespoke checkout page allows information to be grabbed which is relevant to the Coworking Space too, eg floor/room names, members no. etc. Payment can be made by card or you can utilise the invoicing module and cross charge businesses making it part of their monthly charges, and generate an extra stream of revenue.

Speak to Spoonfed and discover how you can curate your own Hospitality Ordering portal and have it as part of the service offered to your clients.