APIs - Catering systems that are connected

January 19, 2024


We live in a connected world. Running a catering business can require the use of dozens of separate systems, all run by different companies. It’s only through APIs that these different systems can speak to each other.

What’s an API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface is a way of connecting computer programs, enabling them to share information. They handle internal commands, but also secure external data transfers. Using APIs, different software platforms can ‘speak’ to each other and be understood.

Catering made easier

So, through the use of APIs, different software platforms can focus on what they do best, while connecting with other applications for their unique strengths. For example, Spoonfed is the best platform for handling corporate catering orders (I may be biased), but our system does not include its own bespoke payment platform. We know that users would prefer to use Paypal, Authorize.Net, SagePay or another recognized global gateway to handle payments. This is why we set up APIs to use these platforms for payments.

Payment is an obvious area that APIs are needed in, but our system works with many more. You can connect Spoonfed to accounting systems, MailChimp for marketing, and Google maps

One of the huge benefits of using APIs is that they save time. Without systems automatically sharing information, time is wasted duplicating data between systems, and errors inevitably sneak in.

Better connected

At Spoonfed, our own efficiency and that of our customers depends on convenient connectivity to apps and programs. Marketing, accounts, mapping - we are always looking to add APIs that will help make our customers’ lives easier. Check out our partners page to see who Spoonfed already connects with, and stay tuned over the next year as we have plans for some great APIs with point of sale and logistics systems.