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Ad Hoc? Add Value!

January 19, 2024

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We all know that dropping in the occasional Latin phrase gives things a certain je ne sais quoi (eh, as do French phrases…). Anyway, I had noticed that when talking about another new feature release on Spoonfed it was being referred to as ‘Ad Hoc Menus’. That sounded quite unusual and I wondered if the Development team were aiming to be sophisticated in 2022. That’s highly unlikely, so I did some digging..

The back story is that once again at Spoonfed, we have listened to our users. This is foundational for us. Working with the largest FSMs globally means that we are regularly engaging with regional operators, ops directors and digital strategists and reacting to what the needs are across a range of accounts. Being able to create bespoke, 'ad hoc' menus is typical of the type of development which comes directly from conversations with teams whose working practice we are seeking to make more efficient through tech solutions which hit home.

Many corporate caterers require software which will allow them to run event catering alongside their typical drop off service. A number of our recent additions to the system have been to bring caterers the same range of tools to their event planning as they already enjoy for corporate catering.

Ad HocAd hoc = ‘created or done for a particular purpose as necessary’. Having a Bespoke Menu Builder allows caterers to create 'ad hoc'. It is in the nature of events that there will always be those one-off requests which the caterer wants to include - it’s not part of a usual menu, it's just something the manager wishes to add for a particular event. It became clear that being able to create something bespoke, ‘as and when’, was something a number of catering managers were looking for. Now, the Bespoke Menu Builder is one of our first new features of the new year. 2022 will continue to see Spoonfed adding to the power and control those creating catering events are looking for. Here are two more…and let’s keep the Latin flowing…

Carpe DiemSeize the day…and we mean seize every part of the day. Spoonfed’s development of the Banquet Event Order forms means that a number of fields are available for those creating the event and the caterer organising their team. Information is key and the BEOs make sure that nothing is left to chance (or written on a yellow sticky note somewhere - which is, in fact, the same thing).

Opus UnaWorking together. With the word ‘cooperate’ being pretty much just a Latin word anyway, this is a great way of describing a new feature which allows the Catering manager to begin creating the order for an event’s catering, and then to pass on the link for their customer to make some choices and add some details (all within the boundaries set by the menu parameters of course.) Subsequently, the caterer can close off the order, adding other requirements and timing into the event.

A recent EP Insights article* highlighting major changes forecasted for 2022 noted that “digital innovation has become ever more central to all but the desire for personal care has risen amongst consumers.”

Cooperative ordering functionality plays so well into this desire. A fantastic time saver, a great way of positioning menu items for upselling and an important way of involving the client and giving them a real feel for the event being planned.

Spoonfed continues to develop. We want to bring maximum efficiency for the catering team, with a quality user experience for those booking food in whatever context. The additional functionality developed through requests and requirements are passed down and available to all our users. And that’s good news in anyone’s language.