3 Reasons Why Now Is The Time for Universities & Colleges

February 1, 2024

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Let's cut to the chase - we think the complex catering requirements at Universities and Colleges require specialist software solutions…

The good news for catering managers is that there has never been a better time to consider what Spoonfed can do for your hospitality and event catering operation…here are 3 reasons why:

System built on real campus requirements

Having onboarded at over 40 campuses in the UK and US the system is stacked full of development borne out of requests from University catering managers. Complex catering requirements require specialist software solutions. Our innovative features and business use-cases developed especially for University and College scenarios allow teams to adapt to new challenges and take up new opportunities across the campus.

Connected Campus

We now offer a ‘connected campus’ approach using Spoonfed alongside 365 Retail Market products. We are already seeing Ops directors sitting up and taking notice as we offer a blended 24/7 approach with Spoonfed and the genius of 365’s unattended kiosks and state of the art vending options

MarketPlace opportunity

Our MarketPlace function is perfect for bringing vendors supplying the campus onto a single ordering portal - both internal and external. Managed comprehensively by you with excellent opportunity for revenue growth.

There is so much more to discover Arrange a Spoonfed demo today!